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Pet Stroller Buying Guide

Choosing the right stroller for you and your pet can be a daunting task, we have developed this helpful pet stroller buying guide to assist you in your decision making. Information is key to choosing the best pet stroller for your pets needs as well as your own. After thousands of pet stroller sales and hours of customer service calls and emails we have gathered a detailed list of questions, answers and just overall helpful hints that should make your decision process much easier...we hope!
If our pet stroller buying guide has not answered all your questions please do not hesitate to call our knowledgeable customer service line at 888-942-6626 and we would be more than happy to assist you in any way we can.


Your Pet's Weight vs Dimensions

This can sometimes be tricky. It is not as easy as calling and asking the weight capacity of a stroller. Longer, thinner dogs may meet weight requires but may prove to be too large to fit in the strollers compartment and vice versa. The weight recommendation that is provided with most pet strollers is referring to the overall capacity that they frame of the pet stroller can support and gives no weight to the dimensions of the pet stroller compartment, pardon the pun! So, we highly recommend you compare the height, width and length of the pet stroller's compartment (not overall dimensions) when selecting a pet stroller for your precious pet. It is extremely rare that a pet stroller is returned however on the few that we have had it has been because the pet meets the weight requirement but was too long for the pet stroller compartment!

Pet Stroller Helpful Hint: Having a hard time visualizing the pet stroller compartment measurements? May we suggest, for the Picasso's of the world, to draw out the dimensions on a sheet of paper, or tape off the kitchen floor to the compartment dimensions and to visualize if your pet will fit within the compartment. Bare in mind that the dimensions should allow him to sit, turn around, curl up and stand if necessary within the space allotted. If he can do that you are looking in the right place!

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Where will your Stroller be Used?

Planning on jogging on a mountain trail, walking city streets, or a little of both? Knowing where and when you are going to be using your pet stroller is important to determine the right stroller for you and Fido. Strollers that have smaller wheels are typically ideal for smooth sidewalks, city streets, through the airport and the like. Travel over rough terrain such as dirt or gravel roads or trails, grassy areas, snow covered sidewalks is much better suited to a pet stroller with larger wheels that support sturdier or stronger frames and typically come equipped with shock absorbers! This will give you pet a comfortable ride while bumping up and down in his new pet stroller.

Pet Stroller Helpful Hint: Some pet strollers that handle uneven terrains that meet are requirement above are the AT3 All Terrain Pet Stroller and the Jeep Rubicon Pet Stroller.

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Storage & Space

Most pet strollers now-a-days are designed specifically to easily collapse for compact storage. Everyone is always looking for more closet space! Many of our pet strollers can fold simply at the push of a button and will easily fold down for storage or to fit in your trunk for a road trip.

Pet Stroller Helpful Hint: A few of our favorite strollers that offer such easy folding and are compact once they get there are the pet strollers from Jeep and Pet Gear or the Walk 'n Roll Pet Stroller.

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Is a Detachable Carrier or Car Seat option a good idea?

So you want the Swiss Army Knife of pet strollers? Not sure if that adds or subtracts from the functionality and overall appeal? Well, what we have found through our seaches is that these type of multi-functional pet strollers/carriers/car seat options tend to be smaller than a standard pet stroller. We found it next to impossible to find such a combination that would easily suit a larger pet. Below are some examples of pet strollers with detachable carriers and/or car seats include:

  • The Kittywalk Pet Stroller line: These pet strollers sport a detachable carrier, but they are quite bulky and are not recommended for traveling for longer distances. The detachable carrier did prove to be a plus for traveling in and out of the vet's office, or in and out of your home without having to remove your pet from the pet stroller's comparment.
  • Pet Travel Strollers: These pet strollers have easy transport in mind. They allow you to easily transport your pet from your stroller to your car, around town or to the local market. Travel pet strollers include shoulder straps that securely attach tot he compartment for easy carrying. They also offer a car seat loop to easily secure your pet while traveling in his carrier in your car. The only limitation that we have found with travel pet strollers is that they are typically smaller and therefore will only accomodate smaller pets. If this description suits your needs then check out the Pet Gear Travel System.

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Your Pet's Social Demenanor

So your pet wants to get out but still wants control of his privacy? Well he will love the privacy offered by the Kittywalk Pet Strollers that feature a privacy parlor darling! Kittywalk strollers have two sections--the outer netted area allows your pet to enjoy the great outdoors and fresh air from a secure location, and the other section is surrounded by canvas with only a window and small door so he can retreat for some privacy or napping at will.

Pet Stroller Helpful Hint: Kittywalk Pet Strollers offer your pet the flexibility of enjoying the outdoors or taking a few zzzz's at will while meandering about town.

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Pet Strollers that fit Your Lifestyle

Have you taken up jogging or brisk walking? Looking for a pet stroller that will allow your four-legged friend to come with you? Regular pet strollers will not provide the stability you need while cruising a jogging or fast walking speed. Pet strollers best suited for this use tend to have three larger wheels and have the ability to lock the front wheel to keep it from "wobbling" while moving at high speeds. These jogging pet strollers, if you will, also feature shock absorbers for any bumps you find in the road.

Pet Stroller Helpful Hint: Jeep Rubicon Jogging Pet Stroller is designed specifically for jogging! It sports air-filled tires, a front wheel in a fixed position for more stability, a fender over the large front wheel to keep your pet from debris or water flicking off the wheel, did we mention a hand brake and sturdy shock absorbers? The Rubicon Pet Stroller also comes complete with its own air pump!

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Weather Considerations

Love rainy days? Are you a die-hard walker that will walk through rain, sleet or snow? If so youw ill want to keep this in mind when purchasing a pet stroller. Several pet strollers feature a weather guard which offer resistance to rain, snow and the cold brisk air. Some pet strollers feature roll down sides to seal off the cold air and rain but limit your pets view. If you are only going to be using your pet stroller on sunny days then you can't go wrong with any from our large selection.

Pet Stroller Helpful Hint: We have a couple of pet stroller that come complete with All-Weather covers the Happy Trails PLUS Pet Stroller and AT3 All Terrain pet strollers We do offer other pet strollers that feature optional weather covers at an additional expense.

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Exercising Your Pet

Pets need exercise just as humans do so please bare this in mind when taking your pet out in his pet stroller. Reserving your pet stroller for trips to and from the dog park, outdoor events, trips to the vet, dog shows, offering cats fresh air, and for when little legs get too tired allows them to get the exercise they need to be healthy and live long lives.

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Tips for AdjustingYour Pet to Their New Pet Stroller

Some parting words for your pet stroller buying experience...we hope these tips will help you and your pet adjust to the functionality, care and use of your new pet stroller! We have not come across many pets that haven't taken to their new wheels right away but there is always one in the bunch! For the strong-willed pet in your life please accept are suggestions as tips to help your pet take a liking to his new ride!:

  • Try leaving the pet stroller set up and open, treats inside wouldn't hurt. This allows your pet to explore the stroller and the treats are certain to get him inside for a different view. You will want to lock the wheels so the stroller doesn't move and shock the little guy before he is ready.
  • Before heading to the great outdoors, try strolling your pet over to an open door or window. Hopefully this will allow your pet to make the association of the great outdoors with his new pet stroller. He will need time to acclimate himself from the safety and comfort he has known indoors.
  • Positive reinforcement is a great motivator! Offer a treat to your pet the first couple of road trips.
  • Start out slow! Quiet, peaceful trips are a good starting point. Pet strollers are ideal for making your pet feel secure in crowded environments however we suggest you plan your first trips to a quiet less hectic environment until he is used to the freedom.
  • Favorite toys or blankets inside a resting stroller. May entice your pet into the stroller giving him the comfort of familiarity.
  • Once he takes a liking to the pet stroller, never use it to confine him indoors. You want your pet to associate the pet stroller with the great outdoors.
  • Time heals all wounds...Give your pet a time to adjust. We all need time to adjust to changes, our pets included.

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